It’s not Saddam Hoessein who’s the thug, it’s Blair. It’s not the Baathist killers from Tikrit who are the bunch of criminals, it’s the Republican party. It’s not the million-man murderer of Bagdad who’s the new Hitler, it’s Georges W. Bush. It’s not the Iraqi one-party state with its government-controlled media that “crushes dissent,” it’s the White House.

André Vanhaeren - Dilsen-Stokkem

It’s not the Wahhabis who are the fundamentalists, it’s Bush, Blair and the other Christians. It’s not Osama bin Laden who’s the terrorist, it’s American foreign policy.

Supporting the continued enslavement of the Iraqi people is “pacifist,” but it’s “racist” for America to disagree whit the UN, even though it’s Colin Powell and Condi Rice doing the disagreeing and fellows they’re disagreeing with are a bunch of whit guys from Europe.

America has become for many Europeans what Jews were for centuries.

(Jewish World Review: 20/02/03)

Amerika, de multiculturele samenleving bij uitstek. Wij hebben van de vorige eeuw blijkbaar niet veel geleerd.