The main area of application is: access control for areas or situations where security is extremely important.  

“More secure than an iris scan”: Startup wants to launch Palmki internationally

Hasselt - 13 september 2022 -

Hasselt-based start-up PerfectID has raised 1 million in additional funding from the Angelwise fund and nine ‘business angels’. With this, PerfectID plans to launch its identification technology based on palm recognition - Palmki - internationally.

HBVL - Dominiek Claes

PerfectID, based at the Corda Campus in Hasselt, is a spin-off of Heusden-Zolder-based Alfa-Zet, Marc Strackx’s company specialising in internal automation based on smart software. PerfectID’s focus is personal recognition and access control via an infrared scan of the palm of the hand. Hence the brand name Palmki (read as ‘palm key’: the key to access lies in the palm of your hand). “Indeed, there are already a lot of recognition systems using physical characteristics of a person, for example the scan of a fingerprint or the iris of the eye,” said CEO Marc Strackx of PerfectID. “However, those are essentially photos that can also be reproduced. Palmki uses 3D and triangulation of 5 million reference points to create a unique scan of the blood and nerve pathways on the inside of your palm. The system is very user-friendly (everyone has their hand with them at all times), it works contactless and is therefore very hygienic, fast, easy to use and extremely secure. Even more secure than the iris scan.”


PerfectID develops not only the scanning devices, but also the accompanying software to interface with existing (IT) applications. “The main area of application is: access control for areas or situations where security is extremely important. For instance, military applications or the diamond industry,” Strackx says. “However, Palmki can also be used in process automation (access, time recording, payments, signatures and so on) and identity management. In this sense, Palmki is also something of a competitor of itsme, for example.”

High security

The numerous possibilities of Palmki have also not escaped the attention of the network of ‘business angels’ BAN Flanders. Together with nine business angels, their fund Angelwise has put one million euros on the table to underpin Palmki’s (international) growth. “We envisage many application areas for Palmki, given that it is a globally scalable technology.

Mark Strackx 

The user-friendliness and speed of identification of this solution have already convinced many large customers,” said Jan Vorstermans, managing partner at Angelwise. PerfectID will use the additional funds to help Palmki break through internationally. “Plans for the Netherlands and South Africa are already in place,” says Marc Strackx. “We are also looking into the Balkans, where security does exist but is still in its infancy.”

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