Vriendin Logan Bailly is na bevalling verheugd om aan placenta-kuur te beginnen

Vriendin Logan Bailly is na bevalling verheugd om aan placenta-kuur te beginnen

Foto: Instagram

Een week geleden werd voormalig Genk-keeper Logan Bailly opnieuw papa. Zoonlief Edson Thunder kwam ter wereld. Mama Libby Smith dronk vlak na de bevalling een placentasmoothie en is nu, een week later, klaar om de kuur verder te zetten.

In een post op Instagram bedankt ze ‘AfterGlowPS’ voor haar ‘placenta pak’. Dat bevat onder meer een lichaams- en gezichtscrème en pilletjes gemaakt van haar placenta. De producten zouden zorgen voor het herstel van het lichaam na de bevalling, verminderen de kans op postnatale depressie, en veel meer. Dat staat te lezen in het bericht op de sociale mediasite.

Thank you so much Danielle @afterglowpes for creating my beautiful placenta package! Your advice throughout my pregnancy was amazing and I’m delighted to start my postpartum journey using your products created using my placenta! It’s a totally unique experience that can only be experienced through being pregnant and having a baby, so I am so glad I made this choice! I want the best post birth journey for myself and my baby and I believe more women should know about this too! Please see details below for product breakdowns; TCM Capsules - (Traditional Chinese Medicine) restore the warmth a woman has lost following birth, and therefore assisting in her body’s re-balance, promoting an equal amount of yin (cold) and yang (warmth). This fine balance between yin and yang also helps with our immune system. Steamed with ginger lemon & chilli then dehydrated. Helps hormone balance, increase iron levels, boost energy, decrease in postpartum depression, all round better mood, increase in breastmilk supply. Butter Face & Body Cream - All natural vegan, organic based infused with your placenta. Can be used to give skin a glow, has collagen and steam cells to help remove spots, fine lines, blemishes and nappy rash also good for stretch marks & c section scar. Baby & Mummy Oil - Natural, organic, vegan friendly, infused with placenta. Perfect for Mum & baby massage bonding, removes rashes & makes skin silky smooth. Double Balms - natural, organic, vegan friendly infused with placenta & (lavender as this is perfect for postpartum recovery) perfect to use on baby or mother acne, c section scaring, nappy rash, cracked nipples, soreness, redness and irritation. Framed Cord Keepsake Placenta Art Tincture - High in potency used when needed in times of low mood, low energy, stress & upset. (Only for Mum)

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