Het verhaal van 'de kleine jongen en de oude boom'

Het verhaal van 'de kleine jongen en de oude boom'

Het verhaal van 'de kleine jongen en de oude boom'

Neerpelt -

Neerpelt, 8 augustus 2011
tijdens mijn 'camino' wandeltocht naar Santiago de compostela' schreef ik een verhaal,
ik zag een hele oude boom en in gedachten.... begon ik te praten tegen die boom, en...
lees wat er gebeurde...

I have spoken with a very old tree
Who’s standing on the camino frances,
The pelgrim road to Santiago de Compostela… in Spain

The tree, he or she, was very old
And the tree told me that I was the first human being
Who has spoken with him, or her

( I’ve been forgotten to ask it… if the tree was male or female)

when I was spoken with the tree
a little Spanish boy came to me and asked:
‘what are you doing Sir?

I said : ‘ I have spoken with this tree…’

The Spanish boy laughed and said:
‘ but hombre, muchacho… a tree can not listen or speak with you…’

I said:
‘listen my young Spanish friend, if you really want to do something you can do it, if you believe in it, it happens…’

the boy waited a while and said then to the tree:
‘hello tree’

and the tree said:
‘hello young man, thank you for talking to me…
you are the second person who talks with me…

it’s true (said the tree)
that if you really want to do something, or you want that something happens
and you believe in it,
you can do it…

look at all those pilgrims who past here…

the most arrived in ‘Santiago de Compostela’
because they believed in it, that they could do that
and they became a better life after the camino..
the pelgrim- road to ‘Santiago de Compostela’

the tree said also:

there is always hope for a better life…
once someone said:
‘in a land of hope it is never winter’

and then….

The boy ran to his mother and said:

‘dear mother, once I shall walk also the pelgrim road , the camino,
to Santiago de Compostela
to become a better life….


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